at The Rat Sanctuary


As a salute to our beloved Ouzle, our first Striped Roan, we choose to identify the rats we breed by putting 'Ouzle' in front of their names. 


We are a member of the NFRS, and the Rattery name Ouzle's is Registered and on the NFRS Breeder's List.







Welcome to OUZLES at The Rat Sanctuary!

Rats are misunderstood.

I think they need A NEW NAME.

If people could get past the word 

RAT it would be so much easier.

The Rat Sanctuary is a small, friendly and very informal Rattery and Rescue based in a home-situation in Godmanchester, Cambs.

All of our rats are raised in an atmosphere of loving kindness. 



They don't live in the garage or a shed; they share our home and are an integral part of our family. 

They live with us in the main rooms of the house and are completely at ease with the comings and goings and various noises of 21st Century life. Sometimes they even appear to be watching the television! 

They live in big cages full of tunnels, toys and running wheels, and they each get loving attention and play, every day.  We love them and they love us. 

Our rats are lovely, loving, kind, sweet, cuddly, kissy creatures who are handled and loved-on every day of their lives; even on the day they are born.  They have no fear of the human hand because the human hand, here, is very good to them. 


You can read more about us, see photos of litters, and read about our ethics etc, here on our website. 
There is a list of recommended diet, beddings and litter. We even have a small supply of cages etc if you need a cage to go with your rats! 


When we breed we do it with regard to temperament and health above all other considerations. 

We only rehome/release our rats in same-sex groups of 2 or more.

If they are not going to be sharing a cage with other rats we only rehome/release our rat babies in groups of 3. This is because:

  • Rats are social animals and prefer to live in a group rather than as one half of a pair. 

  • Groups of three or more give rise to smoother cage relationships as the social burden is shared rather than placed entirely on the other rat. 

  • The only time I have ever seen bored looking rats is when they are living as just one of a pair. 

  • Being part of a small group mitigates against death by heart-break; when one of a pair 'passes on' the survivor is always extremely miserable and can be tetchy and difficult to deal with. And it is not unknown for the other to die a 'sympathetic' death within 10 days. When they live as part of a group that doesn't happen. This is especially important with male rats.

We will never sell any of our animals to homes where rats are used for snake-food.
Please don’t offend by asking. 

We provide a full pedigree/history sheet for each of our rats and you can see their parents here too. 

 We do have some questions/requirements of you as a potential owner -see questions. 

 All of our rats are health checked before leaving our care to go to new homes. 

We welcome the full spectrum of ratty people; everything and everyone between experienced owners and those brand new to the rat world. 
We will offer support and advice to get you started and beyond.
We are happy to advise on all things rat related and provide a lifetime's support to both you and your ratties. 

We do ask you to bring your rats back to us if, for any reason your circumstances change and you have to give them up, as we consider them our children too.